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Darryl B. Christian, LMFT

Adolescent, Adult & Family Counseling & Therapy

Office Location:​

  • 2550 Honolulu Ave., Ste. 103, Montrose, CA, 91020

Currently, I am not meeting clients in my office due to the COVID-19 pandemic health crisis. I am doing therapy using teletherapy via phone and Zoom videoconferencing.

Contact Information:

Phone: (818) 364-5646 - Please leave a message. I return calls ASAP.

Email me at  

Facebook: DarrylBChristianTherapy

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), #MFC 38204

Change and personal growth can be painful especially in times of crisis. In your relationships, it may mean worry and confusion wondering what happened to relationships you once enjoyed. This can develop into serious problems like depression, chronic anxiety, anger, and distancing from significant others - or even feeling confused and out-of-touch with ourselves. This affects not only our relationships but also our ability to perform at work or school, and can even cause medical problems.

Feeling 'stuck' in our lives can make us lose sight of our hopes, aspirations, and dreams.

Seeking help can be difficult - we become afraid of others' reactions or unable to talk about difficult emotions. Yet, we depend on the support of others to grow and meet life's challenges. Trusting relationships help us see our own genuine strengths, creativity, and potential for growth.

I work with clients in a way that fosters respect, acceptance, and genuineness. I will work with you to help you build trust, confidence, and satisfaction with yourself so that you may have trust and confidence in your relationships. 

  For over 20 years I have helped adolescents and adults with personal, career, academic, and relational problems that resulted in feeling “stuck” with anxiety, depression, anger, isolation, or confusion about the direction of their lives. In my experience in community mental health agencies, as a supervisor and instructor at Phillips Graduate University (Chatsworth), and as a therapist for adolescents, I have seen how counseling that is focused on goals, strengths, and capabilities can move clients through periods of “stuckness” or life changes.

      Relationships play a vital role in that change.

      Through the therapy process, clients have an opportunity to collaborate in a relationship that contributes to growth and better personal relationships by making sense of conscious and unconscious experience, thoughts, and feelings. As an therapist, I am also looking for ways to integrate your creative and expressive abilities into our work. Whether you are interested in art, music, writing, or other forms of creative expression, those experiences help to enrich your life. I  believe that therapy contributes to a deeper trust in oneself and trust in one’s ability to meet life’s challenges, resulting in more satisfying and enjoyable relationships.

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           "Follow your heart but take your brain with you."

                                      - Alfred Adler

Counseling or Psychotherapy - When to Seek Help

The decision to see a therapist is a very personal decision.

Many times, people choose therapy during times of stress and emotional pain, but it may also be when you want to grow to meet new challenges. The following are issues or experiences during which you might seek therapy:

  • Prolonged anxiety or worry

  • Depression or mood swings

  • School problems

  • Loneliness

  • Difficulties in relationships

  • Stressful life events

  • Chronic physical illness caused by tension and stress

  • Traumatic events such as accidents, childhood abuse

  • Domestic violence or abuse

  • Difficulty managing anger

  • Self-destructive thoughts and behavior

  • Drug or alcohol abuse​

Setting Your Goals: The decision to call a therapist may be a difficult one but knowing when to seek professional help is a strength - not knowing the answers to all your life questions is normal. Whatever your reason for seeking therapy, a therapist will listen to your concerns and help you decide upon the most appropriate course of action.

Services Offered:

  • Individual Treatment

  • Parenting

  • Family Therapy

  • Adolescent & Adult Treatment 

  • Clinical Consultation


  • Adolescents

  • Relational difficulties

  • Parenting

  • Transition and phase-of-life challenges 

  • Chronic mood or anxiety conditions 

  • Learning disabilities 

Confidentiality: All mental health professionals are ethically bound to keep what you say during therapy confidential. However, therapists also are bound by law to report information such as threats to blow up a building or to harm another person, for example.

Finding the Right Therapist: Therapy is a collaborative process, so finding the right match - someone with whom you have a sense of rapport - is critical. You may have to "shop around"  before you find someone you are comfortable with. After you find someone, keep in mind that therapy is work and sometimes can be painful. But it also can be rewarding and life-changing.

Free Consultation: To help you in finding the right therapist, I will provide a free initial consultation. Call me to make an appointment - we will meet to discuss your current situation, what you are hoping to accomplish in counseling/therapy, and decide whether we can work collaboratively together to accomplish your goal. I look forward to meeting with you.


Fees for 50-minute sessions are established at the initial (free) consultation.  My fee is $120 per 50-minute session. Sliding scale fees are available. Fees may be paid by VISA, MC, American Express, or Discover; Health Savings Account; PayPal, Venmo;Zelle at the time of each session.

Insurance: Your health insurance may cover costs of mental health or behavioral health services. Check with your insurance customer service representative about your benefits. I will provide a 'superbill' at the end of each month for clients who wish to bill their insurance provider.

Be aware that use of insurance for mental health services requires that the service provider informs the insurance company of a medical mental illness disorder. This diagnosis will be included in your medical record - there is no guarantee that your insurance provider will maintain the confidentiality of this diagnosis.

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2550 Honolulu Ave., Ste. 103, Montrose, CA, 91020


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